It has been almost one year since the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade in its historic decision, Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization. After the Court returned the abortion issue back to the People and their elected representatives, states across the nation began enacting strong pro-life legislation. Litigation surrounding these pro-life laws quickly ensued as anti-life activists sought to prevent their enforcement. Further, many states had “conditional laws” that were activated after the Supreme Court overturned Roe, which either completely abolished abortion or limited the practice.  

Pro-Life State Map 2023

The map below depicts each state’s strongest gestational limit on abortion.1 AUL has worked hard to enact live saving laws in many of these states. This updated map reflects the work of the entire movement post-Dobbs as we see more pro-life states that protect women and preborn human lives.  

With the fall of Roe, state legislatures have become battlegrounds as pro-life states fight to abolish abortion, while others seek to lessen protections for preborn life. The abortion state fact sheet provides an overview of where each state stands in the fight for life one year after Dobbs. You can also read more on each state’s battle to protect life on our state spotlight page.

A Range of Protections State by State

The abortion state fact sheet arranges the states from most protective of preborn life (from conception) to least protective of preborn life (no protection throughout pregnancy). The fact sheet first lists each state’s strongest law against abortion that is currently in effect.

Next, listed by each state is a “current litigation” section that outlines any cases that could affect a state’s abortion limits once litigation is complete. In these cases, litigants may be seeking to change the limitations on abortion or attempting to impose a state constitutional right to abortion.  

Lastly, the fact sheet includes a section titled, “additional provisions,” which lists varying laws that range from less protective of preborn life to currently inactive. Post-Dobbs, many states have enacted pro-life legislation limiting abortion; however, some state courts have blocked these laws from taking effect through injunctions. As litigation proceeds, these laws may once again take effect if a court lifts the injunction. For the most up-to-date information on pro-life legislation and litigation, see AUL’s state legislation tracker and litigation quarterly reports.

Celebrating Pro-Life Victories

With the one-year anniversary of Dobbs approaching, AUL’s state fact sheet highlights the victories we’ve seen across the states as we continue in our fight for all to be welcomed in life and protected in law.  

Click here to see the full state fact sheet. 

1 As shown in the abortion state fact sheet, some of these state laws are currently blocked due to ongoing litigation.