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Our vision and mission and our commitment to the American people

Our Vision

We strive for the day when all are welcomed throughout life and protected in law.

What Does a Post-Roe America Look Like?

What does a Post-Roe America Look Like?

Our Mission

We advance the human right to life in culture, law, and policy.

Americans United for Life: 50 Years Serving 50 States

50 Years Serving 50 states

Our Method

We equip advocates and lawmakers with the facts and strategies that change hearts and minds and protect human life.

Our Motivation

We believe all human rights flow from the human right to life. We are all equal members of the human family and equally worthy of respect, solidarity, and love.

Our Logo

The spirit of Americans United for Life is captured through our signature mark, the daisy flower. Like the unassuming yet beautiful flower that persists even in the harshest of conditions, human life is a gift that is worthy of protection and wondrous when allowed to flourish and thrive. The daisy, like human life, persists.

The petals of the daisy represent our human rights—those we possess as individual human beings as well as those we share as members of the human family. Each of the daisy’s petals interlink to form in their center a radiant star.

As the star at the center of the daisy shines, it illuminates the central role of our reason: In its light we embrace our identity as equal members of the human family, with common rights and responsibilities, as we look towards a brighter and more beautiful future.

Our Story

In 1971, we came together as a group of passionate Americans, united by a single issue: our belief in the human right to life.

Since then, much has changed. Those not yet born have been dehumanized, and so many of those born have faced increasing marginalization due to their age, ability, or perceived value. Human rights—and life itself—have become politicized. But we have remained dedicated to a cause that’s bigger than any one person, any one ruling, and any one moment in history.

We strive for the day when all are welcomed throughout life and protected in law. We fight for humanity. We stand for dignity. We advocate unabashedly for the life of every person of every age, background, and belief.

We are Americans United for Life: a team advancing the human right to life in culture, law, and policy. We are the voice for millions, a nonpartisan force working to create lifelong connections between persons of all ages, backgrounds, and beliefs. This is how we will fulfill our mission for generations to come.

Our work is rooted in our robust law and policy expertise—and we’re resolute in the pursuit of real change and tangible impact.

We systematically advance life-affirming legislation in every state in the country. And while much of what we do occurs behind the scenes, what we’ve done and are doing affects us all.

In every state—and in every community—more mothers, fathers, and families have chosen life and love. More of our neighbors have refused to stay silent and have been empowered to share their stories, expose inhumanity, and uphold dignity.

That’s a direct result of the work we do with allies, advocates, and lawmakers. We provide the foundation for what people already know and feel. We change the conversation at its very core and encourage others to make their voices heard.

We can’t do this work alone. But together, this is a fight we can win. This is a fight we will win. Culturally and legally. Locally and nationally. We know life has never been more vital. As a community that recognizes the importance of every person and every perspective, we will continue to make vital impact. Will you join us?