Americans United for Life is a pro-life organization working tirelessly to protect the human right to life for all.  

Since Roe v. Wade’s tragic imposition of the violence of abortion on the American people, abortion has been the clearest and deadliest threat to the human right to life. We continue to fight the scourge of abortion, even as we advocate strongly across the entire spectrum of human rights and bioethical issues. 

We stand alongside every American man, woman, and child to uphold their human dignity and their human rights as we strive for the day when all are welcomed throughout life and protected in law.


Abortion and the violence it introduces into American public life is always and everywhere a tragedy. We were founded before Roe v. Wade to protect life, we continue to advocate for the human right to life and the abolition of abortion, and we will be here after Roe to ensure that our culture, law, and policy make it possible for every member of the human family to thrive. Read more about the Pro-Life view on abortion.

Physician Assisted Suicide

Assisted suicide is a crime. Throughout the American tradition of law it has always been understood as such. The attempt to medicalize the tragedy of suicide must be stopped. The choice to pursue a calling in medicine and become a doctor is centered on a passion for helping and healing. Since Hippocrates, the first and foremost promise for every physician has been to do no harm. Assisted suicide radically alters the doctor-patient relationship by forcing a doctor who strives to heal, to instead end the life of their patient. Legalization of Physician-Assisted Suicide is also a dangerous step towards the acceptance of euthanasia, or a patient being unwillingly killed by their doctor. Instead of the shameful and anti-medical promotion of suicide, the American medical system must be oriented towards true healing when possible, and palliative care to ensure patients are taken care of to the best of our abilities and given the best chance to live.

Denial of Basic Care

All patients and families deserve life-affirming, high-quality care and treatment from their physicians, nurses, hospitals, insurance companies, and other medical providers. America is fortunate to have the world’s best, most innovative, and most dynamic healthcare system, but we are burdened with one of the world’s worst healthcare financing systems. When patients and their families need life-affirming care and treatment the most, they too often confront apathetic or hostile physicians, hospitals, or medical bureaucrats who look upon them as burdens rather than blessings. We advocate for basic care for all patients and families on their road to recovery. 

Freedom of Conscience

The U.S. Constitution implicitly recognizes freedom of conscience and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights explicitly recognizes freedom of conscience. No governmental or corporate authority should be able to force persons to violate their conscience by compelling them to commit any form of lethal violence. No doctor, nurse, pharmacist, or any other professional should ever be forced to participate in the violence of abortion. Abortion activists seek to implement laws that would force a doctor to perform an abortion or force a pharmacist to fill a prescription for life-ending chemical abortion pills. Protecting conscience helps ensure that healthcare providers enter and remain in their professions, helping to meet the rising demand for quality health care. 

Fertility & Reproductive Health

Every member of the human family shares in a fundamental equality simply and totally by virtue of being human. As mothers and fathers come together, with the hope of conceiving children of their own, they deserve scientifically-proven and ethically-sound fertility and reproductive healthcare—including embracing care, treatment, and therapies that foster fertility and turning away from unethical practices ranging from human embryo-destroying IVF treatments to exploitative corporate surrogacy schemes. All families, including every voiceless or marginalized member of the human family, deserve love, hope, and compassion as we forge our future together. 

Ethical Medical Research

Abuses of human rights are most common and pernicious when a certain class of persons are deemed “sub-human.” Amazing advances in medal research and treatment have allowed the creation of ethically sound science and medicine to improve and extend our lives. Unfortunately, as with all good things, some seek to use these advances to harm. We must stop attempts to clone humans. Science has also proven that not only is research on human embryos unethical, it is also broadly ineffectual. Lawmakers must institute rules to guide ethical medical research to ensure all members of the human family are legally protected.