We are committed to wise stewardship of every gift.

Our commitment to stewardship is directly connected with our commitment to transparency, demonstrated by our presence on Candid and Charity Navigator.

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FY 2022: 990, Audited Financial Statement
FY 2021: 990, Audited Financial Statement
FY 2020: 990, Audited Financial Statement

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Throughout our history, Americans United for Life used in-person meetings, direct mail, email, events, and other means to communicate with our supporters and potential supporters.  While some of our efforts do include the opportunity to financially support our organization, many of our efforts are aimed at educating the public about legal efforts which impact our mission. Allocating resource costs in this manner allows us to be as efficient as possible with the dollars we are entrusted. As a result, in accordance with the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) guidelines, we allocate a portion of our fundraising costs to program services.