Each year, Americans United for Life takes a look back on the progress made for Life in the state legislative sessions and ranks the states based on their laws designed to promote Life, including protections for the unborn, the elderly, and the terminally ill. This year, we are proud to announce that Arkansas is once again the most Pro-Life state in America! Arkansas is joined by Louisiana, Oklahoma, Indiana, and Mississippi in the top 5.

Our “Life List” ranking is based on criteria that score the states’ protection of Life from conception to natural death. This is sorted into the categories of abortion, legal recognition of unborn children, bioethics (such as destructive embryo research), assisted suicide and patient care, and healthcare rights of conscience. In addition, each state is awarded points for cultural and political landscape and momentum, which measures political outlook and the frequency the state legislature effectuates Pro-Life laws, respectively.

One of the year’s biggest movers was Florida, which jumped up seven spots to #15 after passing a law to protect preborn babies at 15 weeks. West Virginia also made significant strides, moving up five spots to #21 after passing an antidiscrimination law to protect preborn children diagnosed with a potential disability, as well as a near-complete ban on abortion.

Colorado was the biggest disappointment, dropping eight spots to #43 after passing a law that not only protected a so-called “fundamental right” to abortion throughout pregnancy, but also declared that preborn children had no legal rights at all. New Hampshire dropped seven spots to #41 after it passed two bills to negatively amend two of its Pro-Life protections.

States Begin 2023 Legislative Sessions

As the states begin their 2023 session, AUL’s state policy staff are already in the midst of our work with Pro-Life lawmakers and grassroots organizations to provide critical legal expertise and sound, Life-saving model legislation. We are strongly encouraging state lawmakers to take advantage of the new legal landscape post-Dobbs and be bold in promoting Life this legislative session.

Congratulations to Arkansas and to every state that worked hard to make a difference in 2022 in the fight for Life. With a major Supreme Court win in our corner and the momentum from a productive year, we look forward to a fruitful new year as we continue to work toward a nation in which all are welcomed throughout Life and protected by law.

Aul’s 2023 Life List Rankings

  1. Arkansas 
  2. Louisiana
  3. Oklahoma +1
  4. Indiana +1
  5. Mississippi +1
  6. Alabama +5
  7. Arizona -4
  8. South Dakota +1
  9. Idaho -1
  10. Missouri
  11. Kentucky +2
  12. Kansas -5
  13. Texas -1
  14. Tennessee
  15. Florida +7
  16. Nebraska +4
  17. North Dakota -2
  18. Ohio +1
  19. Utah -2
  20. Wisconsin +4
  21. West Virginia +5
  22. Georgia -5
  23. Michigan -5
  24. South Carolina -3
  25. Pennsylvania -2
  26. Iowa -1
  27. Wyoming
  28. North Carolina
  29. Minnesota
  30. Montana +2
  31. Delaware -1
  32. Virginia -1
  33. Nevada +3
  34. Alaska  -1
  35. Illinois  +2
  36. Maryland +3
  37. Rhode Island +3
  38. Connecticut +3
  39. Maine -1
  40. Massachusetts +3
  41. New Hampshire -7
  42. Oregon +6
  43. Colorado -8
  44. Hawaii +2