Planned Parenthood and other abortion businesses have been on the decline in America for years now. It’s common knowledge amongst Americans within the pro-life community that life-affirming pregnancy resource centers today outnumber abortion businesses like Planned Parenthood by more than three to one. If you were to scatter all those pro-life pregnancy resource centers evenly across the country, every county in America would have at least one pro-life pregnancy resource center.

What makes America’s experience since Roe all the more remarkable is that there is no pro-life equivalent of Planned Parenthood—there’s no mega-NGO or national nonprofit organization organizing the alternatives-to-abortion movement. It’s everyday women and men, the hometown heroes who we sometimes imagine only still exist in our cultural imagination, who are building the alternatives that charity, justice, and simple decency calls for.

Aubrey Schlackman, Founder & Executive Director of Blue Haven Ranch, is one of these American heroes. We speak with Aubrey today to learn what drew her, and her husband Bryan, to the issue of abortion alternatives, what sets Blue Haven Ranch apart, and how supportive communities can come together to promote resilient alternatives for the future.

Blue Haven Ranch

A Maternity Ranch is Born: How evangelical women in Texas are mobilizing for a future without abortion