Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer signed a $70 billion-dollar Michigan budget yesterday while unfortunately line-item vetoing more than $16,250,000 for funding of pro-life pregnancy resource centers as well as other alternatives to abortion, including the promotion of adoption services.

The vetoed provisions include: $10 million towards promoting adoption; $3 million for funding non-profits that promote alternatives to abortion; $1.5 million for pregnancy resource centers; $1 million for pregnant and parenting services at colleges and universities; $700,000 for pregnancy and parenting support services program; and $50,000 for the health department to inform the public that it does not use taxpayer dollars to fund abortion.

Gov. Whitmer’s veto of funds that support pregnant mothers and their preborn children is a tragedy. It denies much-needed help that mothers, fathers, and children in Michigan deserve.

Genevieve Marnon, Michigan Right to Life legislative director, reacted to Gov. Whitmer’s veto, saying, “It is very disappointing that the governor is unwilling to help women in crisis pregnancies who are looking for assistance to carry her child to term.”

“In addition,” Marnon said, “with 29,669 abortions occurring in the state last year and only a few hundred infant adoptions, it is again very disappointing that she is unwilling to help advertise and encourage this life-giving and family-building alternative to abortion.”

Nicole Wells, executive director of Planned Parenthood Advocates of Michigan, predictably praised Gov. Whitmer’s veto, which ensures that Planned Parenthood and other abortion businesses in the state will be protected from the competition that adoption services and other alternatives would provide.