Catherine Glenn Foster, President & CEO of Americans United for Life, issued the following statement in response to the Supreme Court’s  decision in Little Sisters of the Poor v. Pennsylvania:

“Today the Supreme Court recognized, once again, the conscience rights of Americans who hold a religious or moral objection to providing abortion-inducing drugs or contraception. The Little Sisters of the Poor have been litigating this case for seven long years, all while not a single employee has complained about their policy.

The Affordable Care Act imposed a nationwide mandate that violated the deeply-held beliefs of millions of Americans who do not want to participate in or pay for abortifacients. Today the Court affirmed that the federal government may, and should, consider the conscience rights of those who disagree with the government’s position and accommodate those beliefs. This is a win for freedom of conscience and a win for common sense.”

Americans United for Life (AUL) is a nonprofit, public-interest law and policy organization that holds the distinction of being the first national pro-life organization in America—incorporated in 1971. It protects and defends human life from conception to natural death through vigorous legislative, judicial, and educational efforts.