Catherine Glenn Foster, President & CEO of Americans United for Life, comments on Leana Wen’s first day as President of Planned Parenthood:

“Leana Wen’s first day as President of Planned Parenthood will be remembered for her steadfast avoidance of the word and act that defines her organization: abortion. In her appearance on CBS This Morning, Wen avoided any direct mention of Planned Parenthood’s devotion to abortion. No physician should shy away from a truthful description of the medical realities confronting their patients. Wen appears ready to cynically trade in on her bona fides as a physician, rhetorically covering over the realities and deadly consequences of abortion. We encourage anyone interviewing Leana Wen in the future to ask her a simple question: Is a preborn child’s right to life only secure if that child’s parents want her? And if so, what makes that a scientific or medical basis for determining human rights? Any interviews that avoid confronting Leana Wen and Planned Parenthood with that sort of question are, properly speaking, exercises in marketing rather than journalism.”