This week, we’ve reviewed the constitutional process for Senate confirmation of a federal judicial nominee such as Judge Brett Kavanaugh and considered all that you – as “We the People” – can do to help see him confirmed and seated on the U.S. Supreme Court by October 1st. And we considered how the immense wave of public support for President Trump’s first nominee to the Court, Neil Gorsuch, made a difference for his nomination, as the Senate confirmed him by a resounding vote of 54-45.

Of course, Americans United for Life was extensively involved in that nomination, employing all the same means of making your voices heard in the Senate as our last post laid out for you – information about Judge Kavanaugh, daily briefingswebinars, our Petition to the Senate urging confirmation and much more. And AUL’s then-Acting President, Clarke D. Forsythe, urged the Senate Judiciary Committee in a letter to confirm Gorsuch’s nomination, noting his “clear record of commitment to constitutional originalism, the separation of government powers, and principles of judicial restraint.”

Prior to President Trump’s nominations, AUL fought to oppose the nomination of pro-abortion judicial activists to the Court. Past AUL President Paige Cunningham testified before the Senate against President Bill Clinton’s nominations of Stephen Breyer and Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and past President Charmaine Yoest testified against President Barack Obama’s nominations of Elena Kagan and Sonia Sotomayor. Media statements, editorials and content about these nominations can be found on the AUL web site.