Americans United for Life, the legal architect of the pro-life movement since 1971, has released a groundbreaking investigative report entitled Unsafe: How the Public Health Crisis in America’s Abortion Clinics Endangers Women.

Unsafe compiles information gathered from 32 states nationwide to examine and reveal the dangerous, even fatal, practices of the abortion industry. This report delves into the stories of 11 women who received egregiously incompetent care from abortion facilities across the country. AUL has analyzed the hundreds of abortion facility investigations, carried out by state officials, that led to 754 findings of violations of health and safety regulations, and 34 license revocations.

Among the most common violations found in America’s abortion businesses are:

· Failing to ensure a safe and sanitary environment· Failing to document and protect patient records
· Failing to properly train staff· Allowing unqualified staff to provide care to patients
· Using expired medications and medical supplies· Failing to purchase and maintain required equipment
· Failing to adopt and follow health and safety protocols· Failing to properly handle medications
· Failing to comply with physical facility standards· Failing to monitor patient vital signs

“This report delves deeply into the abortion industry, highlighting the stories of real women’s lives and their experiences behind the walls of the abortion industry,” said Catherine Glenn Foster, President & CEO of Americans United for Life. “We found that there are massive violations happening within the abortion industry, and that it is women who are suffering the consequences.”

“There are countless cases involving unsanitary conditions, untrained staff, and unavailable doctors that have ultimately led to the exploitation, injury, and even death of vulnerable women across the country,” said Foster.

Foster concluded, “The American people deserve to know the disturbing truth about the abortion industry, and women deserve better than the ‘care’ that abortion businesses so deceptively claim to provide. We at AUL will continue our work to protect women, and to expose those gruesome facts that the abortion industry would prefer to remain buried. AUL’s report has exposed a pattern of recklessness, of abuse, of skirting the law – the plain truth is, abortion clinics endanger women’s lives.”