“We know that women have experienced serious complications, including death, when given dangerous chemical abortion drugs,” said AUL’s Anna Paprocki. 

WASHINGTON, D.C. (11-01-16) – “Today’s reports that sales of dangerous drugs inducing chemical abortions is on the rise represents bad news for women, who face sometimes severe health risks from the abortion drugs given to women to end their unborn child’s life,” said Americans United for Life staff attorney Anna Paprocki. Wire service and other media today noted that Planned Parenthood now uses chemical abortions to end the lives of 43 percent of the unborn who do not survive a trip to the abortion mega provider, and that use of life-ending drugs is on the rise nationwide.

Paprocki observed: “Women are being sold ‘medication’ abortions as a means of convenience, but the real convenience is for the abortion industry which can make more money with less overhead especially under the recently compromised Food and Drug Administration (FDA) administration protocol.  Yet again, abortion industry profits trump women’s health and safety.

“As a result of the now lax FDA standards, the reported rise in drug-induced abortions is occurring in later gestations, and these abortions are occurring without the direct supervision of a physician.  The FDA previously prohibited both of these dangerous practices. This means that the substantially increased use of abortion drugs are happening when the risk of complications is higher and the ability to care for women is lowered.

She continued: “To help protect the health and welfare of every woman considering a drug-induced abortion, Americans United for Life is offering new model legislation for the 2017 legislative session,‘The Abortion-Inducing Drugs Information and Reporting Act.’ The AUL model ensures that women considering a drug-induced abortion receives comprehensive information on abortion-inducing drugs, including the potential to reverse the effects of the drugs should she change her mind.  The AUL model also requires reporting of relevant data on drug-induced abortions, as well as on all medical complications and maternal deaths resulting from these abortions.”

Chemical abortions can be even more dangerous for women than surgical abortions, according to research. Adverse reactions have included hemorrhaging, blood loss requiring transfusions, serious infection, and death. Abortion drugs have especially grave consequences for women who are later in pregnancy or who are experiencing an ectopic pregnancy. To learn more about the health risks of abortion for women, click here.

To read more about AUL’s newly revised model legislation designed to protect women from the abortion industry’s careless sales of abortion drugs, click here.