For the past several weeks, AUL’s office has been flooded with inquiries from media, legislators and the public following the horrific and gruesome details arising from the murder trial of Philadelphia late-term abortionist Kermit Gosnell.

With last week’s events behind us, and with a courageous conviction handed down by the jury, I want you to know that your AUL team has been a powerful voice in exposing Big Abortion, not just last week, but throughout the Gosnell trial and for decades before.

The following reflects only a handful of the outlets in which AUL was able to be your voice for life:

  • Dr. Charmaine Yoest, AUL President and CEO, appeared on FOX News’ Special Report with Bret Baier shortly after Gosnell’s guilty verdict was handed down to discuss the case’s important impact on the future of the abortion industry.
  • Dr. Yoest debated Ilyse Hogue, President of NARAL Pro-Choice America, on PBS NewsHour, while the trial was on-going, to expose Big Abortion’s hypocritical opposition to clinic regulations.
  • Jeanneane Maxon, AUL Vice President of External Affairs and Corporate Counsel, who witnessed parts of the trial first-hand, provided comment to ABC World News with Diane Sawyer following the verdict, which was the first coverage ABC provided to the Gosnell trial since it had begun 56 days prior.
  • Dr. Yoest was invited to FOX News to view and comment on President Obama’s speech at the annual Planned Parenthood convention, which occurred as the horrific and gruesome details of the Gosnell trial were being exposed.
  • Denise Burke, AUL’s Vice President of Legal Affairs, was featured in the New York Times calling for the enactment of abortion clinic regulations to prevent tragedies like Gosnell in the future.
  • Dr. Yoest was featured on FOX News discussing the potentially dangerous effects of the over-the-counter Plan B One-Step pill.
  • Jeanneane Maxon gave her eye-witness account of the trial on the Mike Huckabee Radio Show while America awaited a verdict.
  • Dr. Yoest was featured in the Washington Post responding to the expanded distribution of the “Morning-After” pill to minors over-the-counter.
  • Ms. Burke was published in the Washington Times with an op-ed responding to the Gosnell trial and calling for the enactment of abortion clinic regulations.

As a culture we are witnessing a breakdown of the wall separating the horrific truth of the abortion industry from media outlets.  Gosnell’s trial has brought to light the dark underside of the profit-driven and exploitative Big Abortion industry.  And as we continue to see them exposed for their lies and deceit, we look forward to a day when all are welcomed in life and protected in law.