From a blog post by William Saunders and Mary Harned at LifeNews:

It is tragically evident that Mr. Stupak and Ms. Dahlkemper misplaced their trust. In spite of Ms. Dahlkemper’s hopeful statement from late last year, the President and his administration have not issued new or amended regulations to protect the conscience rights of all healthcare providers and payers and employers. In an obvious political ploy, HHS has merely set an after-the-election expiration date for the conscience rights of some religious non-profits.

What’s more, strong conscience protections cannot alter the fundamentally anti-life policy—that abortion-inducing drugs are “healthcare” that must be covered by most insurance plans without co-pay— embodied in the HHS mandate. Whether or not HHS creates more “exceptions” to who has to pay for it, the rule is now that ending early human lives is “prevention.”

Further, it is disingenuous for Stupak, Dahlkemper and others to claim that they “did not know” that the Obama Administration, through the ACA, would (or at least, could) mandate insurance coverage of contraception including life-ending drugs, and implement the ACA in other anti-life ways. The mandate came through a known “loophole” in the law.