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Unsafe Spotlight

New York has only minimal regulation of abortion and does not appear to inspect facilities regularly. AUL submitted a public records request, under the New York Freedom of Information Law, N.Y. Pub. Off. Law sec. 84 et seq., to the New York Department of Health. The documents provided to AUL from New York were carefully redacted, eliminating all facility names or potential identifying information and appearing to redact information that could prove detrimental to abortion facilities. An example of the excessive redaction is a report from August 2012 (the specific date in August was redacted), which states:

Based on findings from document review and interviews, the care provided to Patient A in connection with a [redacted] abortion per- formed at the [redacted] did not meet generally accepted standards of professional practice for patient safety. Up to date patient information and necessary equipment / supplies were not immediately available for the procedure and management of any complications that might occur. Also, during the emergency that did occur in this case, [redacted] staff did not [redacted] and [redacted] per the facility’s patient emergency procedures.

DATE RANGE: 2012–2018

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