Good morning, pro-life America!

I am Catherine Glenn Foster. I’m a constitutional attorney, and I am privileged to serve as President & CEO of Americans United for Life. 

Americans United for Life advances the human right to life in culture, law, and policy. We have been advocating for preborn children, for mothers and fathers, and for families since before Roe. We were founded in 1971 to protect human life! We argued in Roe v. Wade that abortion is unconstitutional! We’ve been advocating for 50 years—not only for the reverse of Roe, but for a better, more generous, more wholesome America. 

Don’t we want that? I know we can get there. 

We all want an America where we lift one another up! That’s what Mississippi is courageously striving to do—to lift up those most marginalized!—to lift up women who feel they have no other choice than abortion, and to protect vulnerable preborn children. 

Mississippi is lifting up women, and they’re lifting up children. This Supreme Court—the most powerful political body in America—has wrongly marginalized the least powerful and most vulnerable since Roe v. Wade wiped out America’s pro-life laws from coast to coast. 

It’s time for the killing to end. Our work at Americans United for Life is powered by Americans of all ages, backgrounds, and beliefs. And all of us call on the Court to uphold Mississippi’s common-sense pro-life law! And not only that. We stand with Mississippi’s courageous plea to the Court to reverse Roe v. Wade.  

We all know: Roe lies at the heart of America’s multi-decade culture war. And only the Court can end the culture wars by stopping the killing that it has forced upon our body politic for so long. 

Let’s talk about what we all know to be true. 

We know that abortion inherently treats equals as unequals! We know that true justice, the justice we can all know by the light of our reason, the justice that lies in our hearts, reveals that abortion is fundamentally unjust, systemically unjust. Abortion is unconstitutional. Roe must go, and abortion must stop, in order for so many millions of vulnerable futures to start.

Roe is unsettled. It’s unsettled because the Court keeps revisiting it. It’s unsettled because the American people have never accepted it. Because lawmakers keep pushing, because people keep showing up on the Courthouse steps to say that we will never stop fighting for the constitutional right to life. This is the moment to keep pushing past 15 weeks, past heartbeat, all the way to that moment a distinct and unrepeatable human person comes into existence. 

Thank you, Mississippi! Your courage is contagious. You inspire me. I hope today that our witness, and the 50+ years of powerful witnesses to life across America, finally inspires this great Court to deliver justice for Mississippi and for America.  

Thank you.