Senator Arthur Vandenberg is credited with coining the phrase, “politics stops at the water’s edge.” Senator Vandenberg was a Republican, and chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee I. 1948. At that time, Democrat Harry Truman served as the President of the United States. Though Senator Vandenberg and President Truman disagreed emphatically about many public policy issues, Senator Vandenberg thought that those good-faith disagreements should never hurt America’s foreign policy or challenge her position in the world.

Senator Vandenberg’s ethos is one our nation must seek to adopt on life. We can look to Louisiana; they’re already doing it.

On Election Night 2020, Louisiana voters of all party affiliations turned out big time to vote for life. The Bayou State was considering an amendment to their state constitution that would make it clear that it does not guarantee any “right” to abortion. It passed by an overwhelming margin, garnering 62% of the vote statewide – higher than either candidate for President.

Let’s strive to be more like Louisiana. Politics should stop when it comes to the right to life.