I’m thrilled to be launching Advocates for Life, a community for all who pursue happiness and advance the human right to life in culture, law, and policy. Advocates for Life is a website, a newsletter, and a membership community all in one.

As an advocate and attorney, I serve as President & CEO of Americans United for Life, where our vision is a world where all are welcomed throughout life and protected in law. I’ve committed myself to the cause for life.

We’re launching at a historic moment in time. With the death of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and the nomination of her successor, the future of our high court is at stake in an already-fraught election year. We’ll be covering the Supreme Court nomination process as it unfolds.

Advocates for Life is where the Americans United for Life law and policy team and other advocates will share some of their best thinking to better equip both new and veteran members of the pro-life movement.

Our Advocate Briefs will be sent exclusively to members, and our public news, scholarship, and opinion will be available to all, 24/7. Advocates for Life aims to empower and equip through a comprehensive sense of what’s happening now and what comes next for pro-life issues—not only when it comes to the White House or the Congress, but also when it comes to the judiciary nationwide and our governors and state lawmakers. And we’ll consider international developments, too.

Follow along by bookmarking Advocates for Life, by signing up to receive our latest posts by email, and by becoming a member today for exclusive Advocate Briefs and to support our continuing work to advance the human right to life.

We’re excited to stand alongside you as we advocate for those most vulnerable.