On Friday May 10th, Americans United for Life attended a massive pro-life rally at a Planned Parenthood in Philadelphia where Pennsylvania Representative Brian Sims harassed young girls and an elderly woman. We interviewed attendees to see what they thought about the event, and why they showed up.

We also attempted to go to Sims’ office just a few blocks away from the Planned parenthood to speak with him. However, we were turned away by a secretary who refused to allow us to go in.

Gina Christian reports on the rally that drew more than 1,000:

The “Pro-Life Rally Against Bullying” took place in front of a downtown Philadelphia Planned Parenthood facility. On May 2, state Rep. Brian Sims livestreamed video from the same location, posting two videos in which he denounced two women, three teenagers and a man.

Sims called for donations to Planned Parenthood while offering money to viewers who could provide the identities and addresses of the witnesses.

Shortly after the videos emerged on social media, the national organization Live Action organized the rally. It featured representatives from a number of local and national groups…

Several speakers directly addressed Sims’ claims that the pro-life advocates he had filmed were racist.

Richara Krajewski of the Pro-Life Union of Greater Philadelphia said she stood before the crowd “as a pro-life black woman.”

Noting that “it’s so popular now to call out racism,” Krajewski wished to clarify that application of the term, particularly “in the context of pro-abortion politics.”

“Real racism,” she said, “is co-opting the language of liberation to advocate for the destruction of the lives of the most vulnerable. Real racism is a so-called white ally telling black and brown women that they need to choose between their dreams and their babies.”