Below is an excerpt from CNN’s article “Abortion pills now available by mail in US — but FDA may be investigating” featuring AUL’s President and CEO Catherine Glenn Foster:

Americans United for Life weighed in with an emailed list of talking points from Catherine Glenn Foster, the advocacy group’s president and CEO.

Foster called Gomperts’ latest initiative “reckless and irresponsible.” She pointed out that without an ultrasound, a woman can’t know whether she has an ectopic pregnancy, “a dangerous and potentially life-threatening condition that no abortion clinic would try to manage.”

She warned that the pill doesn’t necessarily work and that women for whom it backfires face the risk of infections and complications that may require surgical abortion procedures.

She added that for women who can’t have surgical abortions, “engaging in chemical abortion … is like playing Russian roulette with their health, because an unsuccessful chemical abortion may lead to a far riskier surgical one.”

Lastly, Foster mentioned that her organization is looking into ways to stop Aid Access.

“Because Gomperts’ plan is dangerous to women’s health and safety, the act of sending unregulated prescription abortion pills through the mail should be the subject of federal regulation,” she said. “For this reason, Americans United for Life is exploring the possibility of Congressional intervention to protect women.”

Foster has since added that her organization is researching the subject and is “in discussions with potential sponsors of federal legislation relating to the matter.”