The late Senator John McCain of Arizona is being laid to rest this week, with public viewings in the Arizona State House and the U.S. Senate. Americans United for Life is deeply saddened by the passing of Senator McCain, a pro-life warrior who fought for human rights and human dignity, without regard to any political benefits. A stalwart defender of innocent lives, he supported protections for unborn children who feel pain and a ban on partial-birth abortion procedures, and boldly affirmed that Roe v. Wade was poorly reasoned and wrongly decided.

Inevitably, consideration has turned to the question of preserving his political legacy, and especially his deeply felt commitment to life in the womb. Because of his debilitating illness, his Senate vote was not counted upon for the Kavanaugh nomination. Now that Arizona Governor Doug Ducey has the opportunity to tap someone to fill Senator McCain’s seat, there is renewed expectation that the “McCain vote” can once again be counted upon at that critical moment. A reliably pro-life, pro-Kavanaugh senator in McCain’s seat would restore the Republican majority to 51 senators, providing a hedge to pro-abortion Republican Senators Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski.

Kirk Adams, former Speaker of the House in Arizona and now Chief of Staff to Governor Ducey, is reportedly under consideration and could carry the pro-life banner well. Former Congressman John Shadegg, another strong pro-life voice, is likewise in the running. Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery’s name has also been mentioned.  Montgomery has been county attorney since 2010, and his position carries tremendous weight in Arizona politics since it’s the county in which Phoenix is located. Montgomery is a proven fighter who is passionately pro-life.

Since Governor Ducey is firmly committed both to the pro-life position and to preserving Senator McCain’s important political legacy for Arizona, expect him to appoint someone who will help the GOP solidify support for Judge Kavanaugh.