One week from yesterday, the Supreme Court confirmation hearing for Judge Brett Kavanaugh will begin. The distinguished jurist is widely expected to be confirmed by the Senate, with swing vote Senator Susan Collins speaking positively of Judge Kavanaugh and even some of the Senators who were playing politics with the traditional nominee meetings eventually scheduling interviews.

But that has not stopped radical left-wing abortion groups from peddling overwrought rhetoric designed to tear down a thoughtful, widely admired judge and to scare everyday Americans.

One of the most shocking examples? Last week NARAL Pro-Choice America introduced a flavor of ice cream called “Rocky Roe v. Wade,” sponsored by an Oregon ice cream shop.

Not only is the ice cream selling at an outrageous $9.50 a cone – with half the profits going to the abortion lobbying group – but it’s normalizing the horrific act of aborting children.

On Fox News recently, Americans United for Life’s President and CEO, Catherine Glenn Foster, made clear AUL’s position on this disgusting campaign by calling it out as what it is: twisted humor that diminishes the life experiences of millions of women, showing why so many Americans are waking up to the reality of abortion.

With pro-abortion protests getting more violent, former Hollywood starlets like Alyssa Milano dressing up in ridiculous “Handmaid’s Tale” costumes and wearing sandwich boards, and out-of-touch billionaires like Oprah encouraging women to “shout their abortions,” there could not be a more critical time to get involved.

That’s why I hope you’ll stand with Catherine and AUL and the many millions of Americans who want to protect the fragile and precious lives of millions of innocent babies, who will grow up to be the next generation’s presidents, Supreme Court Justices, and voters. Please consider signing AUL’s petition urging United States Senators in critical states to vote for Judge Kavanaugh in this most consequential confirmation process, and restore respect for law and Life to the Supreme Court.