As President Trump prepares to deliver his State of the Union Address before Congress Tuesday evening, the AUL Legal Team wanted to take the opportunity to update you on the “Pro-Life State of the Union.”

The Pro-Life State of the Union is strong!

In 2017, at least 19 states adopted more than 60 life-affirming measures, making it the most productive pro-life year since 2013.

Some of the most significant abortion-related measures in 2017 included late-term abortion limitations, prohibitions on abortions based on sex and genetic abnormalities, ultrasound requirements, and financial or other support for abortion alternatives. In addition, states fought back against the physician-assisted suicide movement, defeating every attempt to legalize physician-assisted suicide, as well as passing proactive prohibitions to protect the elderly, disabled, and vulnerable.

Americans United for Life is proud to have worked with lawmakers and policy leaders across the country to help pass these indispensable, life-affirming measures in 2017.

We recently released our 13th edition of Defending Life, our premiere annual publication which has been called “the pro-life playbook.”  Defending Life is an important tool that combines more than 50 pieces of our model legislation, expert analysis, and 50 state report cards into a single non-partisan guide to assist legislators across the nation in protecting human life from conception to natural death.

With your continued support, the AUL Legal Team will continue to educate and assist pro-life lawmakers make this upcoming year an even better year for defending all human life.