image1Last week I was able to travel to Hartford, Connecticut, in order to testify on behalf of AUL against a local ordinance attacking the local pregnancy care center, Hartford Women’s Center. You can read my full testimony here.

This ordinance is yet another example of a recent effort by the abortion industry to silence those who are committed to giving women facing an unplanned pregnancy access to options other than abortion. The pro-life movement is winning- in the legislature, in the courts, and most importantly, in hearts and minds across our nation. Pregnancy Care Centers vastly outnumber abortion clinics in every state, and as a result, more women are receiving the support they need to choose life. This is bad news for the abortion industry, since every time a vulnerable woman walks into a Pregnancy Care Center instead of an abortion clinic, the abortion industry loses money. The abortion industry knows this, which is why they have shifted focus to attacking Pregnancy Care Centers.

The desperation of the abortion industry and their allies was clear during the hearing, as the location of the Hartford Women’s Center (next door to an abortion clinic), the font choice on a sign, and even offering women free coffee, were all described by the pro-abortion supporters as “misleading, deceptive tactics” that should be punishable under the proposed ordinance.

I was so encouraged by the hundreds of local pro-life supporters who showed up to support Hartford Women’s Center, many of whom testified about the positive impact the center has on the community. For me, the most impactful stories were those of women whose lives had been touched, and whose children has been saved thanks to the love and compassion of the center. I spoke to several of these women, and got to see the adorable children whom they were able to raise after receiving support at Hartford Women’s Center.

I was also touched by the stories of women who decided to volunteer at the center after years and even decades of regret for abortions they had when younger. These women courageously speak their truth, and help other women facing a scary, unplanned moment in their lives.

The abortion industry is going to keep trying to pass laws attacking Pregnancy Care Centers, so we must be vigilant in defending these amazing organizations and the support they give women. If your Pregnancy Care Centers are under attack by state or local politicians, contact AUL’s legal team for support. We can win this fight together!

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Deanna Wallace

Staff Counsel