Today, as I’m sending you this message from London, Charlie Gard’s parents are back in court, fighting for the chance to take their son from a hospital that does not want to treat him, to doctors and hospitals who do so he can receive care. Great Ormond Street Hospital has blocked Charlie’s parents time and time again, refusing to let them make decisions about how best to help their son. I’ve gotten to know this brave couple, Connie and Chris, who are fighting for the life of their son as any parent would, and I will remain in London at their side, calling for the rights of parents to make decisions for their children’s care.

Charlie is still fighting for his life, and so are we.  Charlie suffers from a rare genetic disorder, mitochondrial DNA depletion syndrome, which can cause weakened muscles and organ dysfunction, among other symptoms. And while hospital officials want to remove Charlie’s support, which would kill him, his parents are fighting to bring new medical evidence and options to officials blocking their hope.

It’s not over. I was in court Monday as Judge Nicholas Francis ruled that Connie and Chris would be permitted to argue for treatment in a hearing today looking at treatment options for their son, and have been privileged to defend their interests in high-level meetings across the city. And I am in court right now alongside Charlie’s parents, monitoring the proceedings. We meet Charlie’s courageous struggle, and Connie and Chris’s on his behalf, with our own resolve to stand and fight for him. And your support is making a difference.

Exciting News! A petition AUL sponsored along with CitizenGO calling on Great Ormond Street Hospital to step back and allow Charlie’s parents to get him the medical care they have chosen has gathered nearly 500,000 names and gained international attention when Chris and Connie presented it to the hospital that refuses to extend Charlie’s treatment. If you haven’t signed it or shared, please add your support!

Thank you for making your voices heard and for sharing in this effort to support Charlie’s parents as they fight for their son’s life. As I told the Associated Press this week, “There is a tremendous amount of hope here.”

From London, sincerely,
Catherine Glenn Foster,
President & CEO
Americans United for Life