“It was un-American for the Federal Government to force people to act against their fundamental beliefs or face job-killing fines and expensive litigation,” said AUL’s Catherine Glenn Foster. 

WASHINGTON D.C. (06-01-17) – Americans United for Life President and CEO Catherine Glenn Foster applauded news that the Trump Administration plans to adjust the Obamacare mandates to allow Americans to exercise their freedom of conscience. Foster said: “It was un-American to force people to act against their beliefs or face job-killing fines and expensive litigation. The Administration’s decision to respect the conscience rights of all Americans restores foundational freedoms.”

She continued:  “Americans United for Life filed 29 amicus briefs to defend the conscience rights of all Americans, violated in the mandates imposed by the Obama Administration. In Obamacare, we saw the abortion lobby move from ‘choice’ to coercion, attempting to force funding and compliance with anti-life mandates, even as groups including AUL testified about the concerns of millions of Americans. People were troubled by the mandates and by the drugs and devices that Americans were required to adopt and subsidize. Ultimately, the Obama Administration mislabeled anti-life drugs and devices as ‘contraception,’ which traditionally means things that prevent conception rather than end unborn life as some of those drugs and devices do. As AUL laid out in our briefs, certain drugs and devices can harm unborn life by preventing the implantation in the mother’s womb of a growing human being, as confirmed by FDA-approved labeling, violating the consciences of Americans who respect the humanity of life in the womb.”

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