WASHINGTON D.C. (05-26-17) – In light of a newly released video from the Center for Medical Progress showing a compilation of quotes from leading abortion industry practitioners, Americans United for Life President and CEO Catherine Glenn Foster said, “Planned Parenthood’s callous disregard for what they admit is human life in this latest video is evidence of a moral crisis in the culture of the abortion industry. It’s sickening to watch Planned Parenthood’s Dr. Susan Robinson say on camera, ‘The fetus is a tough little object and taking it apart, I mean taking it apart on day one is very difficult,’ especially as you consider that she is discussing ending human life. And how heartless are the words of PP’s Medical Director of Michigan Dr. Lisa Harris, who is seen saying, ‘Given them that we actually see the fetus the same way, and given that we might actually both agree that there is violence in here … Let’s just give them all the violence, it’s a person, it’s killing, let’s just give them that.’”

She continued: “At Americans United for Life, we strongly support efforts to prevent the abortion industry from creating a cottage industry in the trafficking in infant body parts. But we also mourn the cold-hearted realities of an industry that long ago lost sight of the immorality of ending unborn lives with a laugh. Clearly, scarce tax dollars must be redirected from the abortion industry to real medical settings where the ethic ‘do no harm’ guides healthcare. Abortion is not healthcare.”

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