“Scarce tax dollars should be put to work healing and protecting women and their children,” said AUL’s Catherine Glenn Foster. “Abortion is not healthcare.”

WASHINGTON D.C. (05-26-17) – After careful review of President Trump’s proposed budget, Americans United for Life President & CEO Catherine Glenn Foster praised the Administration for protecting life, observing: “President Trump upheld his promise to pro-life Americans to defend vulnerable human life by including important pro-life protections in his newly-released budget proposal. The President’s budget contains provisions that would keep taxpayer funds from subsidizing Planned Parenthood’s abortion business, instead redirecting those scarce tax dollars to community healthcare centers across the nation that provide comprehensive and life-affirming medical care to women in need.”

While the number of abortions nationwide appears to be decreasing, Planned Parenthood’s mega-center business model has resulted in an increased number of abortions taking place in their abortion clinics under the leadership of Cecile Richards. “It’s important to note that despite their rhetoric about women’s health, Planned Parenthood’s abortion business has gone up while non-abortion services, like cancer screenings and other preventative measures, have simultaneously declined by more than 50 percent. Abortion is not healthcare. Women deserve better.”

Foster also commended President Trump for championing other key pro-life policies.

“The President’s budget proposal reinstates prohibitions on federal funding for destructive ‘clone and kill’ embryo research that reduces the status of human beings from ends in themselves to a mere means for another’s possible benefit, a practice the previous administration encouraged,” Foster said.

Other important life-affirming provisions in the President’s budget proposal include: preventing tax dollars from funding overseas abortions, prohibiting federal funds from being used to purchase health insurance that includes abortion coverage, and granting important conscience protections for health care entities that refuse to perform, participate in, or refer for abortions.

Foster urged pro-life supporters to contact their representatives, noting, “Budget negotiations are never simple, so it is imperative that pro-life voters insist that Congress retains these important pro-life provisions in any final budget.”

U.S. House and Senate representatives can be reached through the U.S. Capitol Switchboard, (202) 224-3121.

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