Americans United for Life Vice President of Legal Affairs Denise Burke has identified a frightening trend for pro-life advocates – the increasingly aggressive ways that abortion zealots attack the free speech rights of those who value life. Recently she wrote, “Abortion advocates around the world and particularly in the United States are increasingly abandoning their professed political and moral adherence to ‘choice,’ and instead adopting an agenda of coercion.  Nowhere is this dangerous and calculated shift more evident than in their utter disdain for the freedom and fundamental rights of citizens who disagree with them.”

She noted: “For example, France has criminalized ‘obstruction to abortion’ for more than 15 years, prohibiting ‘moral and psychological pressure searching to hinder abortion.’  Pro-life French citizens are not permitted to attempt to dissuade women from having abortions or to hold public demonstrations near facilities providing abortions.  Under this law, an elderly and nearly blind man was fined for giving knitted baby booties to a woman in the stairway of a building housing Planned Parenthood.

“An Australian woman’s conviction for peacefully displaying an image of an aborted baby outside a Melbourne abortion clinic was recently upheld, while pro-life students at some of England’s most prestigious universities regularly face ostracism and censorship.  Not to be outdone, abortion advocates in the United States are actively seeking to deny pro-life Americans their constitutional rights.

“Pro-life displays on college campuses are routinely vandalized, most recently in California, Colorado, Kentucky, New York, Pennsylvania, Texas, Washington DC, and Wisconsin.  Crosses representing lost unborn lives are kicked over, signs displaying pro-life messages are methodically destroyed, and pro-life students are even physically attacked. At the behest of NARAL and other abortion advocates, the free speech rights of pregnancy centers in California, Illinois, and Maryland have been infringed by laws forcing them to promote abortion.  Connecticut and Hawaii are currently considering similar legislation.”

Our free speech rights are under attack worldwide.

AUL has been monitoring these events, and we’ve filed amicus briefs in courts across the country defending Pregnancy Care Centers from abortion industry attempts to force them to promote abortion. You can read Denise’s recent analysis of these troubling trends here.Denise-Burke-photo (1)


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