Congratulations to Justice Gorsuch, who was sworn in as the 113th Supreme Court justice. Thanks to everyone who helped him take his place on the Court.

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“Judge Neil Gorsuch’s judicial opinions and legal writings are marked by scholarship, clear writing, and a scrupulous weighing of the legal precedent and factual evidence,” said AUL’s Clarke Forsythe, “He is committed to interpreting the Constitution as written and not legislating from the bench, a dangerous practice that leads to tragic decisions like Roe v. Wade.”

From his 2006 Senate Confirmation hearings, Judge Gorsuch in his own words on respecting the separation of powers:

“Judges must allow the elected branches of government to flourish and citizens, through their elected representatives, to make laws appropriate to the facts and circumstances of the day. Judges must avoid the temptation to usurp the roles of the legislative and executive branches and must appreciate the advantages these democratic institutions have in crafting and adapting social policy as well as their special authority derived from the consent and mandate of the people, to do so.”

To learn more about Judge Gorsuch’s record and the legal issues and terms surround abortion on demand, AUL’s legal team developed the SCOTUS 101 project to educate people on some of the key issues impacting abortion-related laws, which will likely be discussed during the hearings. AUL also provided a daily reaction to the testimony given during the hearings, for insight into the life-related issues debated during often intense questioning.

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