“Americans United for Life was proud to partner with pro-life leaders in Wyoming and thanks Gov. Matt Mead for empowering women with information about their unborn children and requiring humane treatment for unborn infants who die before birth,” said AUL’s Denise Burke.

WASHINGTON, D.C. (03-10-17) – Americans United for Life’s Vice President of Legal Affairs Denise Burke thanked Gov. Matt Mead and the legislators in Wyoming who adopted that state’s first pro-life laws in 28 years. AUL consulted on the two laws, one of which requires doctors who perform abortions to let women know that they may see the ultrasound if they wish. “Women should always have the choice to look through the window in the womb through ultrasound, if they wish,” said Burke. “Ultrasounds are the gold standard of medical care in pregnancy, and is used in abortion to determine the location of the infant and how old the infant is, as those factors impact the abortionist’s actions. Withholding those images denies women a choice they deserve and an experience they can never recapture.”

The state also passed a law that would not allow the bodies of unborn infants to be dissected and sold after death.

“Human beings should be treated with dignity before and after death,” noted Burke, who said that a number of states have been interested in AUL’s unique Unborn Infants’ Dignity Act. “It’s been well documented that the bodies of unborn infants have been sold for parts, thrown into landfills or even burned for fuel. A humane society does not dispose of unborn infants as trash or spare parts.”

When news of the sale of infant body parts came to light through the Center for Medical Progress undercover videos, AUL’s legal team analyzed the information and submitted a letter to the U.S. House Energy and Commerce Committee, noting numerous legal concerns observed through video of Planned Parenthood personnel discussing the “harvesting” and sale of infant body parts.

“Wyoming office holders have ensured that the bodies of infants who did not survive to birth are treated with dignity and not turned into additional profits for the abortion industry,” said Burke.

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