AUL’s Clarke D. Forsythe discusses Pro-Life Agenda at National Review

WASHINGTON, D.C. (06-20-16) – In advance of the much publicized meeting between conservatives and presumptive GOP Presidential nominee Donald Trump set for Tuesday, Americans United for Life Senior Counsel and Acting President Clarke Forsythe described top pro-initiatives that a pro-life president should work to enact, in an analysis piece at National Review. He observed, “When Donald Trump commented that ‘the laws are set’ on abortion, he articulated a profound misunderstanding of the legal realities of the life issue, which will impact the next president of the United States.”

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Forsythe noted, “The Obama Administration has spent the past seven years federalizing the issue of abortion through Obamacare and other administrative maneuvers, and doing what it can to thwart health and safety standards protecting women or to increase taxpayer funding for abortion. In fact, there is much the next president needs to do to reverse this disastrous course.  These issues should be on the agenda when conservative leaders have their much-anticipated meeting with Donald Trump in New York on June 21.”

Here is a short list of what can be done to protect life by an engaged President:

1. Protect The Supreme Court & Federal Judicial System through Careful appointments

2. Protect women and children by limiting abortion after Five-Months of Pregnancy when it becomes even more dangerous

3. Protect scarce tax dollars by passing the No Taxpayer Funding of Abortion Act

4. Protect Constitutional Rights of all Americans through Enforcement of Federal Conscience Protection Laws

5. Protect the Public and Business leaders through Repeal of the Coercive HHS Abortion Drug & Contraception Mandate

6. Protect the health and safety of all Americans by Repealing & Replacing the Affordable Care Act (ACA) in favor of Real Healthcare that Respects Life

7. Protect taxpayers from subsidizing abortion by Disentangling Taxpayer Funded Programs from Planned Parenthood & Other Abortion Providers

8. Protect women by Restoring Health and Safety Regulations for Abortion-Inducing Drugs

9. Ensure Accurate data on abortion and its risks from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to hold the Abortion Industry accountable for the products and services it sells to vulnerable women and girls.

10. Protect Infants born alive during abortion through passage of The Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act

Ten & Counting

Fosythe writes: “This list is not definitive. These ten are just some of the policies that the next President should prioritize to protect human life.  These are achievable, and they are supported by majority public opinion.  They represent the kind of pro-life agenda that can be prioritized Day One in any administration, led by a president who is also committed to using the powerful ‘bully pulpit’ of the White House and Executive Branch, through appointments, executive orders and administration goals that affirm a culture of life respecting both mothers and their unborn children.”

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Attorney Clarke D. Forsythe is Acting President & Senior Counsel with Americans United for Life (AUL), and author of Abuse of Discretion: The Inside Story of Roe v. Wade (Encounter Books 2013). To book an interview with Forsythe or any of AUL’s legal team, e-mail