AUL Attorney Evangeline Bartz to join national organizations, presidential candidates and pro-life advocates for noon event at the U.S. Capitol building, illustrating how women have been harmed by the nation’s number one abortion provider, Planned Parenthood. Watch EWTN Nightly News at 6 p.m. eastern to watch Bartz discuss the event and the lives at stake, both unborn children and their mothers.

WASHINGTON, D.C. (09-10-15) — Americans United for Life Associate Corporate Counsel Evangeline Bartz will participate in the second #WomenBetrayed event at the nation’s Capitol at noon today, where women will talk about how they have suffered under the “care” of the nation’s number one abortion provider. National pro-life advocates, presidential candidates and victims of abortion will join together to detail for Congress the horrific realities of abortion, brought to light following release of undercover videos inside Planned Parenthood’s abortion franchises.

“Women have been betrayed by an abortion industry that puts its profits above the health and safety of women,” notes Bartz. “While the abortion industry leader, Planned Parenthood, won’t tell you this, we know that women and their unborn children have been harmed by abortion.”

She continued: “Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry tells us to ‘Trust but NEVER Verify’ the so-called care they offer behind closed doors. We know that abortions, especially later in pregnancy, are dangerous for women. We know that infants are born alive during some abortions, and thanks to the Center for Medical Progress, we have troubling evidence that they are dissected and sold for parts after that horrifying event. And we know that the nation’s number one abortion provider, Planned Parenthood, consumes half-a-billion in scarce taxpayer dollars each year. What did we get for that money? During Cecile Richard’s tenure, the number of abortion services at Planned Parenthood is UP, while life saving, health-affirming care is DOWN. You can read more in AUL’s report, ‘The New Leviathan.

“We need to strengthen legal protections for infants born alive during abortion, and to protect women’s health, we must defund Planned Parenthood, redirecting that money to life-affirming care in Community Health Centers that far outnumber the abortion clinics Planned Parenthood operates.”

Statements made in the videos raise probable cause that Planned Parenthood violated one or all of the following federal laws concerning:

  • Receiving valuable consideration for providing fetal tissue
  • Altering abortion procedures to obtain fetal tissue
  • Obtaining informed consent for fetal tissue donation
  • Performing partial-birth abortions
  • Killing infants born alive after an attempted induced abortion, infants who are persons entitled to legal protection