“Women need to know what an unmonitored, unregulated and secretive abortion industry is not telling them about the real harms of abortion,” said AUL’s Dr. Yoest. “And it’s the media’s job to tell them.”

WASHINGTON, D.C. (08-08-13) – Americans United for Life President and CEO Dr. Charmaine Yoest joined other pro-life leaders for a “Life March on the Media” organized by Live Action’s Lila Rose so that “the media will be a part of the life-saving effort to educate women on abortion’s harms including its too-often deadly impact.”

During the event outside of the ABC News bureau in Washington, D.C., Dr. Yoest made the following remarks:

“The grisly trial of now-convicted murderer Dr. Kermit Gosnell brought national attention to the deplorable conditions in America’s ‘legal’ abortion industry. Gosnell’s trial showed that abortion carries inherent risks to women, whether it is performed at a clinic like his, or not. But it was only after being embarrassed by their negligent silence, that most media outlets finally acknowledged that a ‘house of horrors’ even existed.

“When will abortion come with a warning label? Numerous, well-documented studies in peer-reviewed medical journals demonstrate that abortion poses significant medical risks for women. At every turn, the abortion industry fights to remain unregulated, unmonitored and secretive, lobbying to keep women ignorant about what will happen to their own bodies and to keep responsible adults away from vulnerable girls being pressured to buy an abortion.

“Usually the media champions regulation of a politically favored industry and is a source of information about the risks Americans face – unless the business is abortion. We’ve seen the media’s influence in spreading the word about the health risks of smoking or the dangers of texting and driving. Surely we can educate the estimated one in three women who may experience an abortion in their lifetime.

“At Americans United for Life, ours is a mother-child approach to legislation, recognizing that two people’s lives are at stake in any abortion. AUL welcomes the media to talk with us about the dangers of abortion, and why we must work together to save the lives of mothers and the unborn children.”

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