Despite many disappointments in the election results, some victories both at the state and federal level were gained for pro-life voters, underscoring that efforts to ensure everyone is welcomed in life and defended in law will persevere.  Of particular note, voters ensured that the House of Representatives maintained its pro-life majority, Senator Kelly Ayotte (R-NH) no longer stands alone as the only pro-life woman in the U.S. Senate, and key state legislatures shifted control to be more favorable to passing pro-woman, pro-life legislation.

Such shifts mean that AUL’s strategic plan of advancing model legislation for targeted pro-life gains will be even more significant.

U.S. House

The U.S. House of Representatives retained its Republican majority—a majority captured in 2010 at which point Speaker John Boehner stated that he would ensure that the 112th Congress was the most pro-life Congress yet in America’s history.

And despite road blocks from both the Senate and the Executive, the U.S. House has spearheaded countless efforts to defend life, advocate for women, and protect Americans’ constitutionally protected freedom of conscience.  With new Members added, the American people can trust that the U.S. House will continue to defend life and liberty.

In addition to retaining the eleven pro-life Freshmen from 2010, whom AUL Action supported in their races, the U.S. House picked up several new pro-life Members, including Congresswoman Ann Wagner from Missouri and Congresswoman Jackie Walorski from Indiana.

U.S. Senate

In the close battles for Senate seats across the country, Deb Fischer from Nebraska executed a commanding win over former Senator and Governor Bob Kerry 58% – 42%.  Americans will now be represented by two stellar, sharp pro-life women in the U.S. Senate committed to defending women, unborn children, and liberty.  AUL Action was pleased to support Fischer’s race for Senate, and spent significantly in the race on mailers and get-out-the-vote efforts.


Four pro-life candidates won election as Governor this year. Pro-life hero Cong. Mike Pence is the new incoming Indiana Governor. Gov. Jack Dalrymple easily won re-election in North Dakota as well as Gov. Gary Herbert in Utah and Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin in West Virginia.

Pro-choice incumbents in Delaware, Missouri and Vermont all won re-election. In New Hampshire, pro-choice Senate Majority Leader Maggie Hassan will be replacing John Lynch. Pro-choice Charlotte Mayor Pat McCrory will be replacing retiring Bev Purdue in North Carolina. In Montana pro-choice Attorney General Steve Bullock replaces term limited Governor Brian Schweitzer. Washington has yet to be called though both candidates are pro-choice.

So far, the number of Republican Governors have risen by one – North Carolina. As McCrory is not pro-life, the number of pro-life Governorships appear likely to remain the same.

State Legislatures

Republicans took over 21 state legislative chambers in the 2010 election. This year Republicans only made gains in four chambers: the Alaska Senate, the Arkansas House and Senate, and took back the Wisconsin Senate after a recall earlier this year threw it back to Democrats. The changes here portend good opportunities for pro-life legislation, especially in Arkansas and Wisconsin.

Meanwhile, Democrats took seven chambers back likely stopping any new pro-life legislation in these states:

Colorado Senate

Maine House and Senate

Minnesota House and Senate

New York Senate

Oregon House