AUL’s Senior Vice President and Senior Counsel, Bill Saunders, spoke at the annual meeting of the Fellowship of Catholic Scholars recently at an event designed to consider religious liberty.

Saunders spoke about current threats to freedom of conscience at the state and national level, which is well illustrated by the events surrounding the passage and plans for the implementation for Obamacare. To address attacks against people’s First Amendment Rights of Conscience, AUL developed the “Healthcare Freedom of Conscience Act.”  For more information on life-affirming healthcare, go to

Saunders pointed out that threats to freedom of conscience are wide-spread and unrelenting.  “The truth is,” he said, “either we will act to protect freedom of conscience or we will lose it.”  He pointed to the number of bills introduced in states to limit conscience.  He called upon attendees to encourage legislators to pass conscience-protection bills.  “Otherwise,” he said, “like the proverbial frog in the slowly heating pan of water, we’ll be cooked before we know it.”

The convention, which took place in Washington, DC, drew several hundred attendees.