Dr. Charmaine Yoest after being honored by the Missouri House of Representatives

They said it couldn’t be done. Pro-abortion commentators were convinced that the sweeping pro-life achievements of 2011 could not continue because 2012 marked an off-year legislative session, leading up to an election. But through our state representatives and other significant relationships with state-based allies, AUL actively worked in 39 states to enact life-affirming laws and to defeat anti-life initiatives. In 2012, AUL realized several important victories for Life, including the enactment of 19 life-affirming laws.

Well known for our cutting edge model legislation, AUL’s guidebook to life-affirming legislationDefending Life continued to equip office holders with the legal leverage to move their states toward a culture of life.

In 2012, the most popular abortion-related legislative topics included (a) prohibitions on government funding and insurance coverage for abortion; (b) legislation and resolutions related to pregnancy care centers; (c) informed consent; (d) ultrasound requirements; (e) restrictions or regulations on abortion-inducing drugs and so-call “telemed” abortions; and (f) abortion clinic regulations and other abortion provider requirements.

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