In today’s edition of The Washington Times, Daniel McConchie and Mary Harned of AUL penned an op-ed entitled, “Obamacare abortion mandate withers: More states opting out of extremist liberal plan.”

An excerpt:

The Department of Health and Human Services has set in motion the Obamacare abortion premium mandate, a provision that permits insurance plans that cover abortions to participate in state exchanges and requires all enrollees in those plans – even those with religious and moral objections to abortion – to pay a separate monthly premium to cover abortions. But many states are diligently passing laws to stop it.

The administration’s health care law permits a state to opt out of allowing health insurance plans that cover abortions to participate in the new health insurance exchanges within that state and thereby prohibit taxpayer money from subsidizing plans that cover abortions.

South Dakota recently became the 15th state to enact such a law. Based on model language by Americans United for Life, South Dakota’s law expressly states, “No qualified health plan offered through a health insurance exchange established in the state may include elective abortion coverage.” In other words, anyone who wants to have insurance coverage for abortion must pay for it outside of the government-subsidized exchange. Taxpayers and persons enrolled in insurance plans in the South Dakota exchange will not be forced to pay for the abortions of other South Dakotans.

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