I spoke today at the unfortunately named U.S. House Committee on the Judiciary hearing, “The Texas Abortion Ban and its Devastating Impact on Communities and Families.” I applaud Texas and celebrate the lives saved every moment thanks to Texas’s Heartbeat Act. I was proud to speak on behalf of the human right to life in this hostile setting. I was the sole pro-life witness.

We’re sharing C-SPAN’s footage from their coverage of the hearing below as well as my written testimony in support of Texas’s Heartbeat Act. I’m including my spoken testimony below.

Spoken Testimony Defending Texas Abortion Law:

I speak today on behalf of the constitutional and human right to life. I speak today on behalf of Texas’s—and every community’s—right to protect our most vulnerable brothers and sisters—white, black, indigenous, and all people—from extermination.

Let me tell you what the others on today’s panel won’t: it’s not our many degrees—our master’s degrees, our juris doctorates, our medical degrees—that distinguish us. Those are all fine accomplishments, but none of them ultimately matter. What matters is what we share: our common humanity. And what is at stake is the same: our humanity.

I’ve committed my life to advocating for America’s common interest in life, and I’m committed to opposing the special interests that tragically advance killing as a public policy solution.

If you stopped most Americans on the street and told them that very serious people were convening hearings to call for more abortions to take place, they’d rightly be speechless. Yet that’s what’s happening here today: we’re hearing incredible stories, testimony, pleas—marketing, really—for Texas, for America, to embrace more abortions.

What’s true about abortion is this: Abortion is the violent tearing apart of helpless children, limb from limb. Abortion is the wounding and scarring of women and families for the benefit of multi-billion dollar financial interests. Abortion is a cancer upon America.

I keep hearing the word “devastating” today. It’s in the name of today’s hearing. And pro-abortion activists are repeating it ad nauseum. “Devastating”. You know what’s devastating? Cancer. Natural disasters. Sixty-two million dead babies. That’s devastating.

What’s devastating is America’s abortion culture and its poisoned fruits: sixty-two million dead babies killed in history’s first for-profit, corporate-sponsored genocide. It’s time to move on.

As a constitutional attorney I implore the Supreme Court and every federal and state lawmaker to act to restore the human right to life.

We’re hearing a lot about Texas, but all of this got its start because seven men on the U.S. Supreme Court decided to do a terrible thing—to use Roe to nullify the democratic consensus against abortion and impose abortion violence upon our people. The American people have never accepted the injustice of abortion culture.

Americans United for Life advocates for the human right to life in culture, law, and policy—we’ve been fighting since 1971, from the beginning of the abortion wars, for those who govern in our executive, congressional, and judicial branches to simply do their jobs and to protect human life.

There is nothing more alien to America’s constitutional way of life than the toleration of abortion and its imposition on women who deserve better choices.

Since Texas’s Heartbeat Act went into effect earlier this year, there are now literally thousands of human persons alive—and thousands of mothers, fathers, families, and communities—who will have the joyful chance at building a life together.

A world with fewer abortions is a good world. A future with more Americans is a good future. And families and communities offered hope rather than sorrow are powerful witnesses to the importance of laws that serve justice and the good of all persons.

I am here to remind all of you of a truth you already know: a world with fewer abortions is a good world. A better world.

In a few years, the children alive today thanks to Texas’s Heartbeat Act will be old enough to understand that you think it’s devastating that they’re alive. And their parents can hear you now, by the way. I celebrate them—and every heartbeat protected, and life saved.

We should be asking ourselves how we can support mothers and fathers from the moment of conception, as Texas does in every city and county through pregnancy resource centers and alternatives. And we should be asking how America can transcend the abortion debate. How America can embrace robust national family policies that support the growth and thriving of every life, every family, every community.

We all have something priceless to contribute. But we must first be allowed to live.

We can restore America’s greatness by choosing to live joyfully, together. We must offer one another our best choices rather than our worst. Then we can embrace what comes when abortion is no more: a lifetime of joyful possibilities.