I joined Ben Domenech on Fox News on Friday night alongside Lila Rose. I was pleased to present Meghan McCain, Ben’s wife, the Americans United for Life “Defender of Life” Award in Washington, DC in 2019, and I was grateful for his coverage of the scope and impact of America’s pro-life movement and its many champions.

To criticize the abortion regime,” Ben Domenech declared in his opening monologue, “is to place yourself at odds not just with the most powerful activist groups and donors—it is to take on the woke corporatists, and Hollywood, and our corrupt media, and Big Tech, and just about everybody with power in America today.”

Lila and I speak about the threat to American democracy of corporate monopolies dictating what Americans are allowed to say on the internet and which news Americans are allowed to access. We also speak about the heroic investigative reporting of David Daleiden—himself under attack by politicians and corporations alike for his tenacity in speaking for the voiceless—and the work of Americans United for Life in states and state capitals across America in advancing the human right to life.

“Tonight,” Domenech continued in his monologue, “I’m going to be talking to a number of heroic pro-life women who brought us to this moment. Their determined work in law and politics and culture is absolutely the reason we are at a point so many of us despaired and thought impossible. They have taken on the Goliath of the abortion industry and all its vile works with a fearless dedication to be a voice for the voiceless. Much of the discussion around abortion is about the law. But there’s another law I want you to consider as you listen, and that is the law written on your hearts.”

As the U.S. Supreme Court gets ready to hear oral arguments in the case of Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, focusing on Mississippi’s common sense pro-life law, all of us as Americans should reflect on what we’re doing—and what more must be done—to foster a culture of life.