WASHINGTON, DC— Katie Glenn, Government Affairs Counsel at Americans United for Life, issued the following statement regarding the Biden Administrations decision to remove key medical oversight of chemical abortion:

Monday’s announcement that the FDA will no longer enforce the “in-person dispensing requirement,” a rule that has been in place for over twenty years, for the remainder of the public health emergency, demonstrates the abortion industry’s willingness to choose convenience over medical best practices.   

It is impossible to determine whether a woman is an appropriate candidate for the chemical abortion drug mifepristone without seeing her in person. The doctor cannot check for contraindications like gestational age or ectopic pregnancy. They cannot evaluate her for signs of coercion, abuse, or intimate partner violence. They cannot test or treat her for Rh-incompatibility, which left untreated can result in serious fertility issues for the rest of her life.

The “pills by post” pilot program in the UK has been rife with abuse, including women taking the drugs approved for 10 weeks as late as 28 weeks. We should learn from these mistakes, not repeat them.  

The FDA is playing politics with women’s health, and we will pay the price.

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