You may not have believed this possible, but this week a truly important vote took place that redirected tax dollars from the abortion industry to other important needs.

The vote took place in the U.S. Senate, reflecting the pro-life momentum sweeping the nation. The Senate voted 52-47 to repeal key provisions of the anti-life Obamacare and disentangle the taxpayer from the scandal-ridden abortion giant, Planned Parenthood. A bipartisan majority in the Senate also rejected two amendments brought by abortion-supporting politicians that would have continued to funnel nearly half a billion taxpayer dollars each year to the abortion industry.

AUL commends the Senate for its strong stand for Life and we expect that the strong pro-life majority in the House will approve the legislation.

Sadly, the pro-abortion President Obama will likely cave to the demands of his friends at Planned Parenthood and their lobby apparatus and veto the bill. Still, this is a historic moment.

And if we can do it once, we can do it again, perhaps with a president who respects your values – love for mother and child, both victims of a greedy abortion industry.

For several years, our efforts to enact life-affirming legislation in the states have seen tremendous success. We are on the verge of that same success at the federal level. For years the Senate was not only a roadblock to life-affirming laws, but under the leadership of Senator Harry Reid, it actively pursued an anti-life agenda. Last night’s votes to put an end to taxpayer-funded support of the abortion industry shows how far we’ve come. With a presidential election around the corner, the opportunities are great.

Thank you for making this moment possible.