IMG_2556Illinois SB 1564, a bill that would dramatically reduce the state’s conscience protections for health care providers and pro-life pregnancy centers, continues to advance.

Yesterday, the House Committee on Human Services voted along party lines to advance this dangerous bill to the House floor. If the bill passes the House, it will go to Governor Rauner for consideration.

People from across Illinois have been asking what more they can do to help. That’s why we’ve created the Pastor’s Briefing Book on SB 1564. We ask that you download it today and send it to your pastor asking them to speak up on the dangers to religious freedom for both health care providers and patients.

Click here to download AUL’s Pastor Briefing Book on SB 1564.

When the committee considered SB 1564 yesterday, AUL was there. Chicago resident and AUL staff attorney, Anna Paprocki, testified explaining that this bill will not only affect the ability of health care providers to live their lives according to their religious beliefs, but it will also limit the ability of patients to choose a doctor who believes like they do.

In regards to how the bill would affect the state’s pro-life pregnancy resource centers, Mrs. Paprocki testified, “These centers exist to offer women hope and alternatives to abortion. Under this bill they would have to, at minimum, provide in writing a list of providers they reasonably believe offer abortion.” Mandating pregnancy centers to promote and facilitate abortions “violates their core mission,” she said. We should not be “forcing pregnancy centers to advertise for abortion clinics.”

Now that the bill has passed the committee hearing, it could be brought up at any time for a vote. Our contacts in Springfield say that the vote count is very close. Please send your pastor the AUL Pastor’s Briefing Book today so your church is equipped to speak out on SB 1564.