WASHIINGTON, D.C. (5-7-13) – Americans United for Life President and CEO Dr. Charmaine Yoest commended the Oklahoma Senate for passing AUL model legislation designed to assist parents and guardians as young girls consider an abortion decision. “The lies of sex offenders and abusive adults cover up too many crimes against young girls in America today,” said Dr. Yoest. “Abortion should not be used by abusers to avoid detection.”

The Legislature approved the legislation by a vote of 41 to 5.  State Sen. Greg Treat carried Oklahoma House Bill 1361, sponsored by State Rep. Randy Grau, which passed the House in March by a vote of 81 to 13. The bill now heads to Governor Mary Fallin for her signature.

“This bill empowers parents and guardians to provide the protection from Big Abortion that girls deserve,” said Dr. Yoest. “Parents have a right to know of the dangers that abortion poses to their daughters.  This legislation will strengthen parental consent prior to an abortion to better ensure that minors are also protected from sexual predators.”

HB 1361 requires that a person consenting to a minor’s abortion provide a government-issued form of identification and written documentation that he or she is the lawful parent of the minor.  This provision will prevent abortion providers from sidestepping the law by claiming they were “duped” into accepting consent from abusers fraudulently representing themselves as the parents or legal guardians of minors.

The bill also requires a minor seeking a “judicial bypass” to file her petition in her home county.  This prevents abortion providers from coaching minors on how to “forum shop”—that is, find judges who are likely to grant bypass requests.  The bill also adds a detailed consent form to Oklahoma’s consent requirements to ensure that minors and their parents are aware of the potential physical and psychological risks that a minor may face when obtaining an abortion, before a parent consents to an abortion.

“This kind of commonsense legislation should earn wide-spread, bi-partisan support,” Dr. Yoest said, noting parental involvement laws boast a 71% nationwide approval rating.

For more information on AUL’s cutting-edge model legislation or to request a copy of AUL’s Defending Life, click here.