Today the New York City President of the National Organization for Women called Senate President Dean Skellos “extreme” for publicly opposing the Reproductive Health Act which has been introduced in the New York Legislature.

However, it is abortion proponents who are the ones who support this legislation that is the one who on the fringes of civilized society.

New York is already the abortion capital of the nation with more pregnancies ending in abortion than any other state in the union. Additionally, a recent poll by the Chiaroscuro Foundation underlined that New Yorkers believe they have enough abortion already:

  • A vast majority of New Yorkers (78.8%), when they are informed of the number of abortions in New York, believe there is already sufficient access to abortion in New York State.
  • 75% oppose changing the law so that someone other than a doctor can perform surgical abortions;
  • 89% oppose abortions for reducing twins or triplets to a single child, and
  • 92% oppose late-term abortions for sex-selection.

New Yorkers favor of restrictions on abortion:

  • 87% favor providing pregnant mothers information about options before they make a decision
  • 78% approve of a 24 hour waiting period;
  • 76% approve parental notification when a minor seeks an abortion;
  • 68% approve of providing free medical care to mothers carrying their pregnancy to term, and
  • 86% favor regulating abortion clinics as strictly as other medical facilities.

But numbers like this haven’t swayed abortion advocates from their extreme position. How many unborn babies have to die to satisfy Governor Cuomo and the abortion lobby?

New York is already the abortion capital of the nation. The so-called “Reproductive Health Act” would do nothing but further expand the tragedy of abortion including late-term abortions and erase the few health and safety protections currently in law. Women and girls will be at the mercy of the back-alley abortion environment evidenced by the Gosnell abortion trial going on today.

New York legislators should reject this bill and do so overwhelmingly.