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Writing at Breitbart.com, Tabitha Hale discusses a Democrats for Life event Tuesday

Stupak responded, “I am perplexed and disappointed that, having negotiated the Executive Order with the President, not only does the HHS mandate violate the Executive Order but it also violates statutory law.”


The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare, passed in Harry Reid’s Senate in December of 2009, and the vote for final passage was in the hands of the House of Representatives on March 21, 2010. Despite healthy majorities in all necessary branches, the Democrats were struggling to secure the votes that they needed to pass.

The final holdout was Stupak, a pro-life Democrat from Michigan’s 1st District. He and a group of six pro-life Democrats united in their opposition to the bill and its violation of the Hyde Amendment, which prevented the public funding of abortion and protected the conscience clause. Theirs was a contentious fight that went on for days, while tens of thousands of Tea Party protesters rallied on the west lawn of the Capitol in opposition.

Late that Sunday afternoon, Stupak held a presser and announced that a deal had been made. President Obama would sign an Executive Order protecting the Hyde Amendment, preventing the public funding of abortion and the conscience clause.

In 2010, AUL’s legal team wrote a piece explaining,”Why the Executive Order Does Not Prevent Taxpayer Funded Abortion.” You can read it by clicking here.

Be sure to also read AUL legal analysis from 2010 that tells why Stupak and his coalition got it wrong on the executive order.

Video of Stupak (recorded by Red State’s Breeanne Howe) is below: