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Unsafe Spotlight

AUL submitted a public records request, under the Texas Public Information Act, Tex. Gov’t Code §552.001 et seq., to the Texas Department of State Health Services, and received numerous reports. Although there were many redactions on the inspection reports, they do show severe health and safety violations at several of the abortion businesses that were inspected. Numerous abortion businesses also failed to abide by informed consent rules, such as failure to ensure proper signage advising patients about help for human trafficking or to implement written discharge instructions. Several facilities were also cited for failure to ensure that patient care personnel were properly trained for duties and certified in CPR and Basic Life Support. Another facility failed to ensure that a physician administered mifepristone medication to patients, contrary to FDA rules. AUL also included findings of the 2016 Congressional Panel on Infant Lives, which included documented gross violations of clinic practices in Texas. Employees of one abortion business stated the doctor would regularly fail to observe proper sterilization procedures and the vast majority of the doctor’s assistants in the sterilization room were uninformed on proper methods of sterilization. In order to reduce the doctor’s costs, he habitually disposed of biohazardous waste in standard garbage bags instead of sterile bags required for such waste.

DATE RANGE: 2008–2019

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