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Unsafe Spotlight

AUL submitted a public records request, under the Tennessee Open Records Act, Tenn. Code Ann. § 10-7-503 et seq., to the TennesseeDepartment of Health and received numerous reports. Although Tennessee licenses and inspects abortion businesses, the scope of the inspections in the reports we received mostly focus on building and facility codes. Clinics failed to maintain the condition of their buildings and failed to maintain the overall environment. Building standards citations show how abortion facilities cut corners to pad their bottom line, at the expense of the health and safety of their patients. One abortion business was noted to have a dozen penetrations in the ceilings. There were several health and safety citations noted at clinics, including failure to maintain a sanitary environment in procedure and sterilization rooms, as well as a surgical scrub being used for multiple patients. At several facilities, staff also failed to properly handle medication and expired medicine was available for patient use. Another facility failed to maintain current privilege information for 4 of 5 physicians on staff. It was noted that they had no current DEA number (meaning no authority to dispense controlled substances), no current privileges, and no current background check.

DATE RANGE: 2010–2019

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