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Unsafe Spotlight

The South Dakota Department of Health posts abortion business inspection reports online,64 although most reports were only to confirm accuracy of the state’s statistical data survey of abortion providers. South Dakota licenses abortion businesses pursuant to the Administrative Rules of South Dakota, Article 44:67, but the oversight and scope of inspec- tions is very limited. Only 3 of 16 reports included citations involving statistical data issues, and one 2014 report reflected unsanitary conditions. Under S.D.C.L. § 34-23A-43, the health department conducts annual inspections of abortion facilities to ensure compliance with state statute (Sec. 34-23A – Performance of Abortion). The purpose of the statistical inspections is to ensure the accuracy of the statistical information reported to the Department of Health. Abortion facility inspections are conducted annually to ensure compliance with all applicable licensing and regulatory standards. Licensed hospitals that perform abortions are exempt from abortion facility licensure requirements and are regulated and inspected pursuant to hospital regulatory standards, though hospitals do self-report as seen on some of the inspection reports.

The South Dakota Department of Health posts abortion clinic inspection reports online. Abortion Facility Inspection Reports. South Dakota Department of Health.

DATE RANGE: 2014–2019

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