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South Carolina Pro-Life Legislation Tracker

Unsafe Spotlight

South Carolina has a working regulatory framework that has been upheld by federal courts. AUL submitted a public records request, under the South Carolina Freedom of Information Act, S.C. Code Ann. § 30-4-10 et seq., to the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC), and the state responded with over a hundred inspection reports and related correspondence. Several reports show abortion businesses with health and safety violations, year after year, including failure to disinfect any material surface that came in contact with infectious waste. Many of their reports focus on how abortion businesses process pathogenic (i.e., bacterial disease- causing) waste, and most abortion businesses in the state have been fined thousands of dollars for these types of violations. One facility was fined $19,000 for taking pathogenic waste to a gas station down the street and handing it off to a disposal company. The reports also show that inspectors constantly found expired medications and staff who were not properly handling medicines. Other reports showed physical plant standards lacking. Several reports showed state abortion businesses failed to have a designated infec- tion control committee and in-service training for infection control, to include as a minimum, universal precautions against blood-borne dis- eases, general sanitation, personal hygiene such as had washing, use of masks and gloves, and instruction to staff if there is a likelihood of transmitting a disease to patients or other staff members.

DATE RANGE: 2010–2019

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